“You’re not the first to suggest it. You won’t be the last. And if I can help it, you won’t be thrown back into solitary for doing something stupid. I’ve told you, there’s no way out.”

Shadow Kissed

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« I know that if the woman I loved was locked away,
                                     I’d be doing everything in my power to reach her. »

                                       Adrian Ivashkov The golden lily

VAMPIRE ACADEMY - BLOODLINES MEME | Ten characters - Sydney Katherine Sage
Everyone in my life had gone on and on about how responsible I was, how diligent, how exemplary. I’d been called a lot of things. But never, ever, had I been called irresponsible. And I kind of liked it.


I moved my hands to my heart, and my next internal words weren’t a prayer, but a silent message to Adrian.

If I let myself   l o v e   you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.

make me choose: anonymous asked me rose hathaway or lissa dragomir?


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